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What Does a Bad Hire Cost?

In time, efficiency, morale, hard dollars?

The Problem is Hope

Most hiring managers -

  • Do not interview candidates, often enough, to get good at it.
  • Are not trained to conduct effective interviews.
  • Rely on faulty assumptions and hope.

Most managers are totally unprepared. They ask the wrong questions and allow stereotypes to get in the way. They end up making a decision within the first three minutes of the interview, based on misinterpretations and incomplete data about the candidate.

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Hiring Talent outlines the steps and the sequence. The focus is in three areas where hiring managers fall short -

  • Identifying the level of work in the role related to decisions and problems.
  • Constructing effective questions to collect important data from the candidate.
  • Controlling the interview to get meaningful responses from the candidate.

This is the only hiring process that blends the research on levels of work with the discipline of behavioral interviewing. The research on levels of work, pioneered by the late Dr. Elliott Jaques, is powerful science. The discipline of behavioral interviewing is the most effective method for its application. This is the only program that puts these two ideas together in a practical framework for managers faced with Hiring Talent.

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Take it with you, study it. This is the book behind the course that blends the research on levels of work with the discipline of behavioral interviewing. Every role has a level of decision making, a level of problem solving. Identifying the level of work in the role is the first step in understanding which candidates meet the critical role requirements. This is the essential book for every manager involved in the hiring process. Contains detailed explanations, examples and templates.

Softcover $16.95 Kindle $9.99

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Bring your entire hiring team up to speed, fast. For those companies with several managers involved in the hiring process, this in-house program creates the urgency to become more effective. Establish a defined hiring protocol, create a common language, understand the role of the manager-once-removed and the role of the hiring manager.

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